This is why your libido sky-rockets when you're on your period

For some women, sexual desire sky-rockets during periods, and here are some theories to explain this phenomenon.

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Happy couple

It's probably happened to you before: having a strong desire to have sex during that time of the month... Even though no rules are preventing you from having sex, it is sometimes difficult for some couples to manage the act, practically speaking. However, sometimes only a few adjustments are needed to achieve the object of your desires.

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Based on this observation, many women wonder where these strong desires come from. According to science, a woman's hormones are boiling, creating a strong sexual desire around the time of ovulation, i.e. around the 14th day. The menstrual period normally means a drop in libido. But in truth, this winds up not always the case and here is why.

An irrepressible urge to have sex during menstruation

American researchers from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals looked into the question in 2003. Based on their study, they estimated that 62% of women had more intense sexual desires during their menstrual period. Therefore, periods probably have an impact on carnal desires, yet many studies are in opposition on the subject. Several theories are however quite valid.

Although there are no health issues associated with having sex during the menstrual cycle, many couples abstain during this time. This abstinence may cultivate desire and it can increase libido this way.

In the Little Encyclopedia of Periods, by Caroline Michel and Sylvia Vaisman, this hypothesis is raised:

What if, subject to a number of blocks, women felt more desire simply because they were deprived of them?

A raised libido to fight against period pain

Having sex during periods would allow some women to relieve the pain associated with these periods. Nan Wise, a cognitive neuroscience doctor and sex therapist at Women's Health, explained:

For some women, when they bleed and have cramps, the last thing they want is sex. Others, on the other hand, want sexual activity for relief.

Engaging in sexual activity releases endorphins, hormones that have analgesic effects (pain reduction). Based on this fact, sex during menstruation can therefore have a beneficial effect in alleviating the pains caused by menstruation.

Hormones responsible for the peak of sexual desire

Researchers at the University of California have found that fluctuation in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle directly impacts sexual desire. In their study published in the Journal of Hormones and Behavior in 2013, they explained that the higher the estradiol, the greater the sexual desire.

And during menstruation, this specific estrogen, which is one of the three types produced by the ovaries, is at its lowest. It would seem that another source of pleasure comes into play to increase libido, and that would be testosterone, the rate of which increases slightly before menstruation.

In short, as of right now no exact theory explains for sure the reason for the increase in sexual desire in some women during their period.

Having sex and getting some pleasure is based above all on a favourable environment, physical and psychological availability as well as desires that are completely normal to feel. So do not fear and indulge yourself.

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