Is it safe to have sex on your period?

Period sex is totally safe, but it can be messy. Here are all the benefits and drawbacks of having sex on your period.

Is It Safe To Have Sex On Your Period?
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Is It Safe To Have Sex On Your Period?

During our reproductive years, we are both cursed and blessed with having our periods. While some people find themselves more irritable around their time of the month and can even experience cramping and headaches, others may find themselves feeling a little frisky.

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Those people will be happy to know that it’s both possible and safe to have sex while on your period, though it may get a little messy.

Benefits of period sex

Not only is it safe, butperiod sex comes with a range of benefits:

Relief from menstrual cramps

Having sex on your period can help relieve cramps. Menstrual cramps are the result of the uterus contracting in order to shed the endometrium. By having an orgasm, the same muscles can contract and release, providing pain relief. Not to mention, sex can boost endorphins to leave us feeling good.

Shorter periods

As orgasms cause contractions in the uterus, which in turn helps the endometrium shed faster. This could help end your period sooner.

Headache relief

Many people experience headaches and migraines on their period due to the changes in hormones. While sex at this time may be the last thing on anyone’s mind, many claim it can relieve or partially relieve this symptom.

No need for lube

The last and possibly most gruesome benefit of period sex is that you don’t need to use any lube as the blood takes on this role. You might want to lie a towel down, though.

Risks of period sex

Aside from the mess, there aren’t many other risks associated with period sex:

Period sex does not stop the spread of STIs

Period sex does not stop the spread of STIs. Certain viruses such as HIV and hepatitis can be spread through menstrual blood. If you happen to have an STI or blood transmittable virus, it’s best to stay away from period sex or use adequate protection.

Remember to remove your tampon

If you’re a tampon or menstrual cup user, make sure to remove these devices from your body before engaging in period sex. If tampons get lost inside the vagina, they may require the help of a medical professional to remove them. If forgotten about, tampons can also cause toxic shock syndrome.

Period sex does not prevent pregnancy

While you aren’t ovulating on your period, it can still be possible to get pregnant anywhere in your cycle. Using protection such as condoms will not only increase protection against STIs but pregnancy too. If you or your partner are allergic to latex, latex-free condoms are always available, as are other birth control methods.

Tips for having period sex

If you’re looking to have a little fun next time you’re on your period, we have a few tips to consider:

  • Talk to your partner openly about how they feel about period sex
  • Lay down a dark towel. This will help soak up any blood and prevent stains
  • Try having sex in the shower to avoid any mess
  • Keep some wet wipes or tissue handy to clean up afterwards
  • Practise safe sex to prevent both STIs and pregnancy
  • Remember to remove any hygiene products beforehand

Don’t shy away from the clean-up; with a bit of preparation, period sex can be great fun and can even help ease any pains. Plus, with all the activity, you sure won’t be thinking about menstruation. Although if the sight of blood makes you or your partner a little woozy, then you may just want to wait it out.

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