Covid-19 can infect 'almost every organ in the body' expert warns

The threat of Covid-19 is still as vigorous today, as it was when the whole world was left shaken by the pandemic. Expert warns not to take this virus lightly.

Expert claims more people died from COVID than we thought
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Expert claims more people died from COVID than we thought

In an interview with, pathologist Kirsten Mertz, who works at the Baselland Cantonal Hospital, led an investigation in which she suspects that more patients have died from the coronavirus than official data claim.

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The excess mortality in the period of the first and second waves, according to the statistics, was not plausible based on the numbers, so the experts took another look at numerous autopsy patients in this period.

High number of undetected infected people

In the process of research, they discovered ‘a high number of undetected infected persons’, as Mertz explains. In their investigation, the team found that more people were carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus than reported at the time of death.

While this does not automatically mean that the cause of death in these undetected cases is due to Covid-19, numerous autopsy patients show an association with organ failure, which in turn is linked to the coronavirus. She explained:

In the lung tissue, for example, we found signs of severe inflammation, which is typical of COVID-19. In one patient we found blood clots in the coronary arteries, with subsequent heart attack and heart failure. We, therefore, assume that in our study group an additional five people died of COVID-19, which were not statistically recorded. This would make the number of deaths eight per cent higher than originally assumed.

Covid-19 can infect ‘pretty much all organs of the body’

In addition, pathologist Kirsten Mertz warned that the coronavirus can attack the body more extensively than many think. She elaborated in the interview:

The coronavirus can infect pretty much all organs of the body besides the respiratory tract and the lungs. In our investigations, for example, we found it in the heart tissue or thyroid gland in 12 out of 28 deceased people, in the kidney and adrenal gland in eight, in the pancreas in six and in the liver in five out of 28. The virus can also show up in the brain, umbilical cord and placenta, as others have shown.

A discovery about the disease process of SARS-CoV-2 could be made is the infection of fat cells by the coronavirus. It might suggest the consequences of this disease on people:

The virus can cause inflammation, sometimes violent, in fat tissue. That is a very important point. Especially since we live in a world that is not only struggling with a corona pandemic but also with an obesity pandemic.

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