Long Covid: People who have had Covid-19 several times are more at risk, according to expert

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic was a long time ago, but the long-term consequences should not be forgotten.

long covid risks higher every time sick health
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long covid risks higher every time sick health

We are talking about Long Covid, of which new symptoms have been discovered and which, according to one expert, could become a 'challenge' for our society. This is the opinion of Kathryn Hoffmann, Head of the Department of Primary Care Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna.

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Protection from long Covid

According to Dr Hoffmann, people need to be better protected against Long Covid. According to the Frankfurter Rundschau, more preventive measures are needed to 'reduce the risk of Long Covid diseases as a result of infection'. It goes on to say that the more often you are infected with coronavirus and have its symptoms, the 'greater the risk of long-term damage'.

Long Covid should be taken seriously in our society, as this issue has already made headlines in other parts of the world. However, the exact number of sufferers in the UK can only be estimated and is in the millions. According to the source, the number of Long Covid sufferers is estimated at 2 million. These long-term absences would result in 'billions in losses for companies and pension funds'.

More measures needed

To prevent corona infection, more measures should be taken indoors in particular. According to Dr Hoffmann, HEPA filter systems should be used to ensure cleaner air. These systems are 'adapted to the size of the room and the number of people'.

The expert goes on to explain that priority should be given to schools, kindergartens and public transportation. However, hospitals and offices should not be forgotten either. Hoffmann recommends wearing 'high-quality masks', especially on public transport and in the healthcare sector.

The symptoms

Long Covid can be affiliated with pneumonia, pulmonary fibrosis, kidney damage or inflammation of the heart muscle. Those affected would then struggle through a severe course. According to the doctor, the more often you have been infected with coronavirus, the higher the risk of contracting Long Covid.

Hoffmann emphasizes to the Kurier:

Just as with multiple sclerosis, it is logical that specific treatment centers are needed for such a severe and complex clinical picture.

After each infection, a person would have a 'ten percent long Covid risk' and become 'more vulnerable' to other diseases. According to the expert, transparent and 'logical and comprehensible' protective measures are therefore needed in order to return to a 'non-permanently ill society'.

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