Covid-19 can ‘break past our immune defenses’, doctor warns

Covid-19 cases have been on a rise again and if it continues to grow at the current rate, certain Covid-19 restrictions might back into effect.

Doctors warn Covid-19 is becoming ‘too clever’
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Doctors warn Covid-19 is becoming ‘too clever’

World Health Organisation's (WHO) special envoy on Covid-19 Dr David Nabarro has urged people to not take the virus lightly. The UK’s death toll has passed 200,000 and doctors are urging people to take more precautions as Covid-19 appears to be evolving each day.

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Clever virus

Speaking to Sky News, Dr Nabarro has urged people to respect the virus as multiple strains co-exist simultaneously in the current scenario. The new wave, which is primarily driven by Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 has been spreading like a wildfire in the UK. Stating that that virus can change itself and is constantly evolving, Dr Nabarro said:

The reason why we've got an increase is it's changed yet again and it's become too clever for us.
It can break past our immune defences, and that's why the numbers are going up.

While the virus gets cleverer each day, people are becoming lenient. There’s an increase in socialising and people are no longer wearing masks in public spaces or taking any precautions. As such, Dr Nabarro advised people:

My advice to everyone is please, this virus hasn't gone away, it's not killing so many people but it is really unpleasant especially if you get long COVID.

Vaccinations are necessary

Not only did Dr Nabarro ask people to respect the virus, but he also insisted on the importance of vaccination for the future. The only way out of the pandemic is when everyone is updated with their vaccination status as soon as possible. Needless to say, it especially holds true for elderly people, and people with severe health conditions or diabetes.

This comes after figures revealed in a survey earlier this month showed that 32% of people are testing positive for Covid-19. What’s alarming is that women are twice as likely to be concerned about their lives.

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