The amazing properties of aloe vera

Is aloe vera really magic? We’ll tell you all about this plant that has a thousand virtues, for your body, your skin, and your hair!

Aloe vera
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Aloe vera

A key ingredient in many natural beauty products and food supplements, aloe vera has a thousand and one uses, whether for the skin, hair, or to treat everyday problems, particularly digestive problems.

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What is aloe vera?

This fatty plant from the Liliaceae family (like onions or garlic for example) resembles succulents and requires very little maintenance while bringing a plant-like touch to your home.

Beyond its aesthetic aspect, it is above all for its numerous properties that it is known and appreciated by natural remedy enthusiasts!

Aloe vera comes in the form of several relatively thick green stems that grow vertically with small spikes at the ends.

To make the most of all its benefits, you will have to damage your plant a little by removing one of these distinctive stems and cutting it in two, because its secrets lie inside! In its heart, you will find a thick, completely translucent miracle gel that you can extract for your treatments.

Properties of aloe vera

Healing, anti-inflammatory, immune system stimulant, natural antibiotic, digestive remedy... Aloe vera has a concentration of benefits known for thousands of years. The Mayans called it the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and it was also one of Cleopatra's favourite skincare products. Cleopatra did not hesitate to use it in her bath to take advantage of its exceptional virtues for her beauty.

Made up of hundreds of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it is a favourite of beauty enthusiasts who use abundantly it in their cosmetics and beauty treatments.

The gel can be used pure or mixed with other complementary ingredients and can be applied directly to the skin or consumed as is to treat digestive problems such as constipation.

For intestinal problems, you can find pure aloe vera gel, to be drunk or diluted with honey for example. To purify the body, this fatty plant known for its detoxifying properties is also marketed in the form of food supplements.

Finally, appreciated for its thirst-quenching and antioxidant properties, aloe vera can be found in the form of a sometimes-flavoured juice in the beverage section of supermarkets. Delicious when drunk cold!

Price of aloe vera

You can buy aloe vera in its original plant form or as a processed product. If you buy the plant, you only need to cut one of the leaves off to extract the precious gel. You can buy the plant for between £3 and £20 per plant, depending on its size.

If buying ready-to-use aloe vera gel, you will need to pay between £35 and £45 for one litre. It is recommended to keep aloe vera gel in the refrigerator.

How to care for aloe vera?

Before you can use the precious gel it contains, you must first grow the plant! Whether you decide to place it indoors or outdoors, it is still relatively easy to maintain, even for the less skilled among us.

If you can, avoid putting it in direct sunlight. It needs light but the sun's rays will be too aggressive and may dry it out, so place it close to a window without exposing it too much.

Watering is not too complicated! If the soil seems dry, it is time to give it water, about once a week in the warmer seasons.

In short, there is every reason to buy an aloe vera plant and find a place for it in your home. In addition to bringing a little greenery, you will have an ingredient with many benefits, always at hand!

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