Here’s a secret hack to open a Coca-Cola can

A viral TikTok has demonstrated that there is a secret hack to opening a Coca-Cola can, leaving the Internet divided.

Here’s a secret hack to open a Coca-Cola can
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Here’s a secret hack to open a Coca-Cola can

It is not uncommon to come across a video every now and then, that demonstrates how commonly used tools can have secret hacksthat most of us don't know about. For example, did you know about the secret function of McDonald’s circular table?

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In a similar vein, turns out that many of do not know about the secret hack to open a can of Coca-Cola in a way that's perfect for a straw. As reported by The Sun, a TikToker has shared a hack to efficiently use a straw with a Coke can.

The secret Coca-Cola can hack



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Alexis Oneal's TikTok

The video was shared by Alexis Oneal (@alexisoneal82) on her TikTok account. She simply writes,

Did you know?

Then she proceeds to lift the tab of the Coke can every so slightly. Instead of lifting the tab completely and opening the can by pushing down the tab as one would usually do, she only half lifts it. Then she circles the tab around to the opposite side, and pushes it down to reveal a smaller opening which is just wide enough to fit a straw through it.

In fact, the tiny opening seems almost designed for a straw.

The TikTok video has generated a lot of debate

The TikTok has generated divided opinions among viewers SEAN GLADWELL

The TikTok has generated divided opinions with some people wanting to try the new method, while others preferring the old way of opening cans. Still others resisted the whole idea of using straws to drink Coca-Cola.

One commenter wrote of their failed attempt,

I tried this and my pop tab just popped off

There were others who persisted and succeeded in mastering the hack. One person wrote,

Just did this at work, it worked.

Another wrote about their surprise saying,

My jaw just dropped!

One viewer was not convinced and responded with,

No i didn't know, Probably because that's not how your supposed to open them

To this, Oneal simply replied,

I do it the way I want thanks

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