These 3 hacks can make your candles last twice as long!

Tired of buying expensive candles and burning through them quickly? This hack can save your money, and candle too!

This hack can make your candles last twice as long!
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This hack can make your candles last twice as long!

Burning a soothing candle once in a while is proven to create calm and meditated surroundings. But there are some who like to burn candles on a daily basis. Candles, especially the scented ones can be quite expensive if bought on a regular basis. Especially during the cold winter season, many people like to fall back on the cosy light of candles. Unfortunately, this joy is not always long-lasting, because many candles - especially tea lights - burn quite quickly. Well, worry not! We found a few quick and simple solutions that will keep your candles burning twice as long.

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Refrigerator can help

Put the candles in the fridge or freezer. At best, they spend several weeks there before being used. You only take them out when you light them. The cold will cause the wax to take much longer to melt. Tip: Put scented candles in a bag first and then in the fridge.

Salt your candles

Yes, it sounds strange but this hack definitely works! Sprinkle the already burning candle with salt. After it’s burned a little and a puddle of wax has formed around the wick, simply sprinkle it with salt. The salt binds the wax and considerably prolongs the burning time of your candle.

Salt your candles Moncherie

Don't immediately relight candles

It is also important not to relight a candle immediately after putting it out. To ensure that it burns longer and lasts longer overall, you should not put it out until the burning plate has become liquid all the way to the edge of the candle - otherwise, a funnel could form. It's important that the wick can always suck in enough wax so that it does not burn up.

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