This is what the colour of your urine reveals about your health

This is not exactly a dinner conversation, but your urine is one of the most efficient ways to keep track of your overall health.

The colour of your urine reveals this about your health
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The colour of your urine reveals this about your health

The colour, smell, and amount all tell you a lot about what's going on inside your body. Where there's a smell, there's a symptom. Your daily pee contains a lot of information about what's going on inside your body, so it's worth paying attention to the colour and smell before you flush all the data away. Normal urine is yellow to light orange in colour with a slightly sweet smell. If it's darker than this or has a strong odour it could be an indication that something's wrong.

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Bright yellow or orange

There are many reasons why your urine might be bright yellow or orange. The most common cause is a kidney disease, bacterial infections, high blood pressure, diabetes, or liver disease.

Pink or reddish

A pink or reddish tint to your urine could be a sign that you're experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI). If you notice this change in colour, it's best to see your doctor right away.

According to Mayo Clinic, if there’s blood in your urine, it may look pink or red as well—but only for a few seconds before turning dark again. This could signal something serious going on with one of the organs that removes waste from the blood.

Pink or reddish Stefano Oppo

Dark yellow

Dark yellow urine can mean a number of things, but it is most often caused by dehydration. It's more common in hot and dry weather, as well as during exercise or any other activity that causes sweating. When you're dehydrated, your urine will appear darker yellow than normal because of an increased concentration of waste products like urea.


When your urine is brownish, it could mean something serious. According to Cleveland Clinic, it might be a sign of dehydration or liver disease. If you're dehydrated, drink more water. If you have liver disease, see a doctor right away.

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