Doctor reveals the worst time to go to bed

If you go to bed at this time, you might be depriving your body of deep, restorative sleep.

Doctor worst time to go to bed
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Doctor worst time to go to bed

Along with implementing sleep expert's advice on how to get a good night's sleep, there are some things we also need to stop doing.

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Some sleep habits are unknowingly ageing you. And if you are getting shoulder pain from sleeping, your body might be trying to tell you something.

Along with your sleep habits and posture, the timing of your sleep is also crucial. Dr. Kiran Raj has shared the worst time for your to go to sleep, and you should definitely take note.

Does the time you go to bed matters?

Dr. Karan Raj shares medical advice with his 5 million+ community on TikTok under the handle @dr.kiranr. In a recent video he spoke about the 'forbidden sleep zone.'

Dr. Raj responded to a video that claimed staying awake between 10 PM- 4 AM can increase your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. The doctor explained that the claim is not nuanced enough saying,

What time you choose to go to bed can actually affect your sleep quality, but it’s more nuanced than this video implies
Not getting enough quality sleep can leave you feeling groggy and tired  Gregory Pappas

When we sleep, our brain moves from non-rapid eye movement to rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which take place in roughly 90-minute-long cycles.

In the early part of the night, you experience restorative sleep. As Dr. Raj explains,

The early part of your sleep is dominated by the deeper, more restorative non-REM sleep

As the night progresses towards morning, 'you get more of the lighter, dream-infused REM sleep.'

Whether you sleep early, or go to bed late, if you have a consistent sleep schedule, your body would generally work out a way to balance it out.

The worst time to go to bed

Dr. Raj states,

Say, for example, you go to bed at three or four am. Regardless of your biology, your sleep will be more REM-heavy and you’ll have less of the deeper, non-REM sleep.
....this can leave you feeling groggy and tired ― that’s why it sucks to be a shift worker with shitty sleep patterns.

So thus, it would transpire that going to bed at 3-4 AM might mean that you are depriving your body from good-quality restorative sleep.

In response to the video, some viewers highlighted their sheer inability to fall asleep. One said,

I don't choose. I fall asleep when I fall asleep.

Shift-workers who don't have control on their sleep schedule also chimed in. One comment states,

As a nurse working a 24/7 roster, this post is depressing

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