This optical illusion will make you think you're crazy

This optical illusion appears to be in complete motion. But when you still stare at a particular point, you realise that it is actually stationary.

optical illusion
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optical illusion

Optical illusions will eventually get the better of us. Every week new illustrations seem to emerge, and they always have the same effect on us. A few days ago, we told you about an illustration in which crosses appeared to be moving, when in fact they were not, or about circles that appeared to rotate when you stared at a central point. The image we are talking about today works in the same way, but its effect is multiplied tenfold!

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A hypnotic image

So what do we see in this image? This time the description is a bit difficult: on a white background, we can see a set of discs, made up of three-coloured cylinders (yellow, blue and black). Several circles are arranged in this illustration, some of them even intertwined, and the whole thing looks hypnotic. Moreover, something strange happens when you look at the whole picture.

Moving discs?

As you may have noticed, the coloured discs seem to move. Or more precisely, the ones that we are still not staring at seem to be moving, as if, by impertinence, this optical illusion was playing on us. However, this image is totally still! The optical illusion is enough to make you dizzy.

For your information, this image, called 'Rotating Snakes' was created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a self-described 'experimental psychologist specialising in visual illusions' on Twitter. By the way, even cats would be fooled by this image!

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This optical illusion will make your eyes play tricks on you This optical illusion will make your eyes play tricks on you