This optical illusion will make you look twice as you get closer

In this optical illusion, circles appear to move when you approach the centre of the image. However, the picture is still.

Optical illusion
© Yuri Vasconcelos UNSPLASH
Optical illusion

When it comes to optical illusions, the possibilities are endless. These illusions are meant to trick our brains in a way that makes us question our perception. Those illusions are what stimulate our minds and make us think deeply. This image, however, old will have you scratching your head.

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Focus on the central point

This popular image has popped up multiple times over the past few years. It shows a grey background with two circles made up of geometric shapes. In the centre of this image, there is a black dot, and it is certainly the most important element of the image.

This tweet translates to:

OPTICAL ILLUSION - Focus on the middle point. Move your face forward and backward from the screen. What do you notice?

The centre is what makes this image mysterious and creates an optical illusion. Try it out: just stare at it and move towards your screen or, on the contrary, move backwards. Something very unusual will occur in your vision.

The image is still, but the circles are moving

If you followed the instructions, you must have seen the circles moving in different directions! As you approached, the one on the outside must have moved clockwise, while the one on the inside must have moved anti-clockwise.

Well, it should look like it moved because the image is completely still. You can test this by printing out the illustration or taking a screenshot: nothing has moved, it's just your brain that has been tricked!

This article was translated from Gentside FR.

This optical illusion will make you think you're crazy This optical illusion will make you think you're crazy