This optical illusion will change right before your eyes

An image seems to change shape when you move away from it. However, it is actually fixed. Is this the reality or an optical illusion?

Optical illusion
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Optical illusion

Optical illusions can really drive us crazy. They can intrigue us in many different ways, some even exploiting loopholes in our brains or in the way we perceive our surroundings to mess with us. This is the kind of trick used in today's illustration.

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An angry face and a friendly face

This image has been circulating on the Internet for many years and is regularly going viral again. But what does it show? This illustration shows us two faces, placed between two texts. The two texts do not add anything to the image, it is the human faces that interest us.

The latter has a very easily identifiable expression: the one on the left looks very angry while the one on the right looks calm. At least, that's what you're supposed to think when you first look at the image. In fact, a real magic trick is performed in front of your eyes when you move away from it! Try it out by stepping back two meters or more. What do you see?

A friendly face and an angry face

Normally, the picture has changed before your eyes: the happy face is now on the left and the angry face is on the right. However, the image has not moved one pixel! You can verify this by taking a screenshot or checking the extension, it is neither a GIF nor a video!

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This optical illusion will make your eyes play tricks on you This optical illusion will make your eyes play tricks on you