This optical illusion will make your eyes play tricks on you

In this optical illusion, two elements appear to be in motion when they are in fact completely still.

Optical illusion
© FLY:D / Unsplash
Optical illusion

We constantly encounter new optical illusions that are designed to bamboozle our brains. The images are created in such a way that stimulates deep thinking in our minds. But it can also be the question of perception as everyone perceives scenarios differently and what they see at a first glance. This optical illusion will not only challenge your brain but will also confuse you.

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Crosses that move sideways?

So what do we see in this picture? Simply two white crosses on a blue background, in the middle of which are arrows. This image is a GIF, not a JPEG. In other words, yes, the image moves, but the crosses remain in the same place. This optical illusion is a particularly tricky one as it's quite hard to spot where it starts and how it changes. Don't believe us? Place your cursor on the play and see for yourself.

The crosses stay still

You have probably noticed that the crosses do not move. However, it looks like they are growing, shrinking and moving from right to left. It is in fact the combination of 'blinking' + 'arrows' that makes our brain believe that these elements of the image are moving when they are not.

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This optical illusion will make you think you're crazy This optical illusion will make you think you're crazy