This optical illusion reveals a lot about your eyesight

Discover the intriguing optical illusion that sparks diverse number interpretations. Age and eyesight unveil the mystery.

optical illusion eyesight
© Giorgio Trovato / UNSPLASH
optical illusion eyesight

What a person sees in an optical illusion is personal to them. Often, depending on someone's age, eyesight and general health, they might not see the same thing as others. That is the case for this optical illusion.

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Finding numbers in perspective

The latest optical illusion was retweeted by Benonwine with the caption:

Do you see a number?
If so, what number?

Many of Benonwine’s followers have commented various answers including 45283 while another saw 528 with their glasses on and 45283 without. Others saw a different number depending on the angle they looked from.

What number do you see?

What you see can reveal a lot about your eyesight

According to Mail Online, this optical illusion plays with contrast sensitivity, which is an important measure of visual function. Contrast sensitivity allows an individual to perceive differences between objects and their background.

Those who have higher levels of contrast sensitivity will have less difficulty reading the 7 digits, while those with lower levels will struggle and may be more susceptible to eye conditions such as cataracts or glaucoma.

If you couldn’t see all 7 digits, the number is:


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