These 4 optical illusions will blow your mind

Our eyes sometimes play tricks on us, as shown by these 5 optical illusions that will make you doubt the efficiency of your eyeballs.

These 4 optical illusions will blow your mind
These 4 optical illusions will blow your mind

Optical Illusions are a great way to stimulate the brain and activate our logical thinking skills. While some illusions reveal the hidden aspects of your personality, others are merely used to prompt your thinking power. So here are four optical illusions which will not only stimulate your analytical abilities but also make you question reality.

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Do you see circles of different colours?

In the image below, it looks like you're seeing a multitude of circles with a blue circle on the left and a green circle on the right. In reality, the two circles in the centre are the same colour! You can check this by downloading the original file and comparing the colours with a photo editing software.

Which disc is bigger?

Let's continue with another optical illusion that is somewhat similar. In this image, several grey discs can be seen, with orange discs in the middle. Do you know which orange disc is the biggest? At first glance, it looks like the one on the right is the biggest, but you can check they are both the same size!

What do you see in this picture?

The image below can be interpreted in different ways. You can see a female figure or a face. According to the YouTube channel Bright Side, the first thing you see in this image could say a lot about your personality. Those who see a woman first would have 'keen observation skills', while those who see the face would tend to be 'extroverted'.

Which line is longer?

Here's another illusion that will mess with your brain. In this picture, you can see three lines, with arrows going in different directions. One of these arrows seems longer than the others. But all three are exactly the same size!

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