This woman was intimate with a ghost for 20 years before she realised what he looked like

Get into the Halloween spirit… This woman claims that she was intimate with a ghost for 20 years.

intercourse with ghost
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intercourse with ghost

Halloween, the spookiest of holidays, is right around the corner and that means that people from all over the world are sharing their eeriest stories. For this one, we must issue a warning. If you are afraid of ghosts and spirits, do not read on.

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This story is about a woman who swears she slept with a ghost. Not once but for 20 years and she only stopped when she saw what her lover looked like…

A ghostly affair of 20 years

This story was first published by Mail Online. Their article tells the tale of Paola Flórez, a Colombian woman. Flórez spoke to the Colombian TV channel Canal 1 when she appeared on their show Sin Carreta (meaning ‘no lies’ in English).

On the show, Flórez shared:

One day, I was lying down when I felt a hand move from my feet to my chest. It was strange, I was scared

That scary event occurred when Flórez was a young woman and through her testimony on the show, we understand that after this first encounter, the woman fell in love with the ghost and started to have regular intercourse with it… sorry, with him.

She added:

From that moment on, he started coming to me like a spirit to have sex with me.

What did the ghost look like, you might wonder. Well, according to Paola Flórez the spectre was ‘a very big man’. Other than his general shape and figure, it appears that for 20 years, Flórez had not caught a glimpse of his face. When she did, everything changed. She states:

the day I caught a glimpse of him, he had fangs and the face of a gargoyle. The last time I saw his face was when I didn't want to continue.

Spectrophilia is a real thing

Paola Flórez’ story led us to look into instances when people reported that they had had intercourse with ghosts. That is when we stumbled upon spectrophilia.

Cosmopolitan wrote an article about it for which they spoke to Mike Huberty who runs a haunted house company. According to him, spectrophilia has two definitions.

One is the attraction between humans and ghosts, and the second is the attraction to objects seen in mirrors

To the question: ‘is spectrophilia real?’ Cosmopolitan answers ‘yes’. For them, since it is a matter of attraction it therefore cannot be denied. However, and we agree with them, when it comes to actual intercourse and physical interaction with ghosts, that is when things become hard to prove.

However, the story told by Paola Flórez is not isolated. Some famous people even claim that they’ve slept with ghosts. Among them are singer Kesha and actress Lucy Liu.

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