Former inmate shares the one unexpected thing you should never do in prison

While most of us will probably never go to prison, you never know what might happen. So it’s better to be prepared and listen to this former inmate’s advice!

Former inmate shares the one unexpected thing you should never do in prison
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Former inmate shares the one unexpected thing you should never do in prison

Content creator Amanda Dove uses Tiktok to share their experience on what it was like to be in prison. In their videos Amanda talks about all sorts of things. From how they got to prison to the craziest things they witnessed while serving time.

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Amanda is well beloved by their TikTok community who appreciate the outlook they have on the experience. One of their videos in particular struck us. The topic is simple and no one would really think that could become a problem. But this is why TikTok can be great. It can open our eyes to many things…

Shoes are very important in prison

Before continuing to read this article: please look down for a second. Chances are you are wearing shoes. Well, if you went to prison your shoe collection would simply disappear as, of course, you’re not allowed to bring anything in from the outside.

As Amanda explains, the first thing that happens when you get to prison is that ‘they give you your shoes.’ Amanda details that the shoes they give out are ‘really cheap Dollar Tree’ type shoes. These shoes are so ingrained in the memories of former inmates that they have a nickname: ‘bobos’.

However, those shoes are so cheaply made that they have a massive downside: they damage very quickly.

Amanda explains:

I got mine in January and by March they were already falling apart.

The shoes can be replaced by buying another pair ‘on the canteen’ and Dove explains that this is what inmates will spend their money on. Indeed there is a very crucial reason as to why they are important!


Let’s not forget the importance of shower shoes either 😳 #prison#inmate#shoes

♬ original sound - Amanda Dove ❤️

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You do not take your shoes off under any circumstances

In another TikTok video, Amanda Dove takes the time to answer a question coming from one of her subscribers.

The question is simple and, from someone who’s never been to prison, understandable.

Why can’t we touch the floor?

Amanda, as they do their make up, explains the reasoning behind it and it’s actually very simple.

Prison is a breeding ground for infectious diseases. Staph infection, MRSA, foot fungus.

Dove says that these horrifying diseases are ‘everywhere in prison.’ Because Amanda is a good story teller, they give a specific example.

Maybe somebody is in the shower and they cut themselves shaving and they bleed. And then maybe they urinate or defecate. But they have their shower shoes on.


They then leave the shower walking with those shower shoes on.

We’ll leave the rest to your imagination but you can now clearly picture why it is crucial to never let your feet touch the floor. Germs travel quickly. Especially in an ecosystem like prison.

Now, we hope that you never have to use this advice but if you do, please remember it!


Replying to @Ohio أوهايو Going barefoot is an actual health hazard in prison #prison#disease#fungus

♬ original sound - Amanda Dove ❤️

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