Here's why you should never flush your pet's poo down the toilet

You might not be disposing of your pet animal's poo in the best way. Here's the correct way to do it safely.

never flush pet's poo down the toilet
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never flush pet's poo down the toilet

According to some studies, your love for animals is apparently written in your genes. No wonder so many of us cherish our pets! But keeping pet animals comes with its fair share of responsibility, such as ensuring you keep your pets away from common household foods which are toxic to them, or learning how to best support your pet through their final moments.

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There are also a lot of pet hygiene related things you should know. One of them is to learn how to safely and responsibly discard animal poo.

As reported by LadBible, flushing your pet's poo down the toilet is actually a terrible idea, and could seriously impact your health. Read on to find out all the details.

Why not to flush animal poo down a toilet

A veterinary doctor who posts videos on TikTok under the handle, and shares a ton of information related to pet health, gave people some crucial information about the dangers of animal poo.

As per the vet, flushing animal poo down the toilet could be very harmful to people, and especially children, because animal poo contains parasites called toxocara which could seriously impact health. The vet explains,

This is because of the presence of toxocara, a worm parasite in animal faeces, which is tolerant to the high temperatures and harsh conditions found in the final stage of processing used water.
The reason toxocara is a worry is because it’s zoonotic, we can pick it up and children are particularly susceptible.
On children, the impact of exposure to toxocarareduce can be extremely serious Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.

People can contract diseases from animal poo

The disease that is contracted as a result of the parasites is called toxoplasmosis. The vet further explains the process through which humans contract the disease,

It means we don’t develop the adult worms in our intestines - but what happens is that we accidentally swallow the eggs (in poo particles) which hatch into larvae and these move around inside our bodies.

On children, the impact of exposure to toxocarareduce can be extremely serious, even resulting in impairing their cognitive development and IQ.

Humans could also contract an infection called visceral larva migrans from animal poo. One way to combat this is by regularly worming your cats and dogs.

Instead of flushing your pet's poo in the toilet, as per Spruce Pets, you should be scooping animal waste, double wrap it, and then dispose of it in the garbage.

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