Here's how to remove yellow stains from your toilet easily

Its actually really easy to remove stains and marks from your toilet using these methods.

Here's how to remove yellow stains from your toilet
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Here's how to remove yellow stains from your toilet

Its truly baffling how in spite of the amount of time we all spend in the bathroom, people are still unsure about informations such as how much toilet paper you should use every time you go to the bathroom, or which is the right way to wipe yourself after using the toilet.

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Again, though you might be doing your best to maintain a squeaky clean toilet, turns out that you should be cleaning your toilet way more often than you think.

And even if you do alter your bathroom cleaning schedule based on expert opinion, there's still always the pesky problems of yellow stains in the toilet bowl that just doesn't seem to go away. Needless to say, the mysteries of how to keep a pristinely clean and sparkly toilet bowl too has evaded a lot of people.

Here's all the answers to keeping yellow stains away from you toilet forever, as reported by experts at Good Housekeeping.

Some things to know before cleaning your toilet

Yellow stains in the toilet can be caused by urine, as well as mineral deposits, hard water, or even the chemical deposits in ageing pipes.

The material that your toilet is made of can also determine how effective the cleaning method is. On top of this, if you have a rugged toilet bowl with cracks etc, it would, of course be more difficult to remove all the stains from the crevasses.

In any cases, before cleaning your toilet or bathroom, always ensure that you are dressed adequately, to protect yourself from the concentrated chemicals often present in cleaning agents. Essentials include: toilet brush, rubber gloves, scrub sponge, disinfecting wipes and bathroom cleaner.

You can use a number of easily available household objects to remove stains off of your toilet Jan Antonin Kolar

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Hacks to remove stains from your toilet

Here's a list of effective and easy-to-follow methods to tackle these unsightly stains easily.

Use a cleaner specifically for whitening your toilet

Buying a cleaner specifically for your toilet bowl is one of the first steps to try and get it stain-free. Coat the liquid properly in your bowl with a brush, making sure that you are reaching underneath the rims and give everything a good scrub.

Let the chemicals work its magic and leave it on for at least 5 minutes before flushing away everything.

Bleach can help

You can also usebleach in case of very stubborn stains. In fact, bleach can be used as a substitute to on-the-market chemical cleaners when in a pinch. Half-a-cup of bleach with water should be enough to clean a toilet bowl. However, bleach should not be mixed with any other chemicals without properly reading the label or proper instructions. This is because bleach can be toxic when used in combination with other chemicals.

Use vinegar and baking soda

The combination of white vinegar with baking soda can be very effective in removing yellow stains, no matter if they are located inside your toilet or around your toilet bowl. Use a brush to coat your toilet with this mixture, let it sit and then flush away the stains and debris.

Vinegar is also super effective in removing stains caused by hard water.

Baking soda and Coke hack

As reported by Cleanup Geek, a combination of baking soda and Coca-Cola can also help in getting rid of yellow stains from the toilet.

For this method, pour Coca-Cola into the toilet, coating the whole bowl properly. Then spread two tablespoons of baking soda around the bowl, making sure it covers all the stains. Leave for as long as you can, and then flush away the mix for a cleaner and sparklier toilet.

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Here's how to easily clean your toilet Here's how to easily clean your toilet