Taking your shoes off on a plane puts you at risk: here's why

Taking off your shoes on an airplane seems like a good idea but it is anything but. Not only can it be seen as rude but it could also impact your health

Taking your shoes off on a plane puts you at risk: here's why
Taking your shoes off on a plane puts you at risk: here's why

Who hasn't been tempted to take off their shoes during a long flight to relieve their tired feet? This is indeed a small luxury that many indulge in. But apart from the odour nuisance it can cause for other passengers, this practice can have far more serious consequences. Indeed, issues of hygiene, collective comfort and even safety are at play.

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Here's a detailed analysis of why it's advisable to keep your shoes on on the plane.

Personal comfort at the expense of collective well-being

The freedom of taking off your shoes on a plane can be tempting. It is a personal comfort that many appreciate in this confined space. However, it is important to remember that aeroplanes are enclosed public spaces.

Feet clad only in socks (at best) can sometimes become intruders into the territory of seatmates or even block the aisles, obstructing passage for other passengers and flight staff.

Social media is full of pictures of these 'lawbreakers' and there is no shortage of outraged comments. It is therefore essential to show mutual respect and keep your shoes on.

One discomfort leads to another

It is also important to note that one discomfort can quickly lead to another. Any passenger who is bothered by the smell of their neighbour's feet might become louder or more restless, making the journey unpleasant for everyone involved.

So keeping your shoes on is a simple gesture that helps maintain a calm and respectful atmosphere on the plane.

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Keeping your shoes on is a hygienic must

The carpet on an aircraft is not as clean as it looks. Apart from the obvious concern about the smell it may have due to all the feet, it is also teeming with thousands of bacteria.

In fact, the floor is spread with various liquids carried by the soles of the passengers's shoes and the ones deposited on it throughout the flight.

Walking barefoot down the aisle or going to the toilet without shoes on poses a significant health risk, according to Travelbook. So keeping your shoes on is also a way to protect yourself from bacteria and germs that may be on the aircraft floor.

A matter of safety

Taking off your shoes when flying may seem harmless, but there is a risk of injury in the event of an incident on board the aircraft. Being barefoot can be dangerous, whether because luggage is displaced, objects fall or, in rare cases, an emergency evacuation is required.

Flight staff familiar with these risks also advise against wearing shoes with heels, flip-flops or tap shoes, as these do not provide adequate protection.

It is therefore advisable to choose a pair of comfortable, closed shoes such as trainers when travelling by air. These provide adequate protection while allowing some comfort for the feet. And if you are concerned that your feet will swell during the flight, consider support stockings, which can help reduce swelling.

In other words, taking off your shoes on the plane seems to bring some convenience, but it also brings some disadvantages (similar to drinking water during a flight), both for yourself and for the other passengers.

Keeping your shoes on not only contributes to a respectful and calm atmosphere on board, but also contributes to the cleanliness of the aircraft and the safety of everyone.

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