These Are 6 Signs That Can Tell You If You're In A Toxic Relationship

Are you suffering from low self-confidence and morale because of your partner? Here are the signs that this relationship is toxic and tips to help you to see this more clearly.

Toxic Relationship
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Toxic Relationship

1. The two of you are totally co-dependent

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You have lost all independence and he/she believes that they have the right to look into everything you do. He/she also exercises their veto when he/she disapproves of your choices and your initiatives. In fact, the other has a total grip over you... It's time to take back your freedom!

2. You feel guilty

He/she blames you for anything and everything. You feel bad every day, you think everything you do causes problems and you lose more and more confidence in yourself. He/she does not value you, end this relationship to regain your self-esteem!

3. Everything always revolves around him/her

It is never about you, because he/she has a childish, egocentric behaviour. He/she is incapable of having empathy for you and caring about your own needs because his/hers are more important and always come first.

4. You are unhappy

Frustration, boredom, arguments... There is more negativity than positivity in your relationship... It’s time to pull the plug!

5. You do not feel free anymore

You don’t have the chance to do what YOU want to do. It is normal to make concessions when you’re in a relationship, but in yours, there isn’t the possibility to flourish other than with him/her, because he/she cannot handle you having a good time without him/her.

6. You are on your isolated

You never see your friends or your family anymore. You must always be available and at his/her disposal. Make a change!

Never feel obligated to stay in a situation you know is making you unhappy. Recognise when it's time to move on, you will be happier in the long run!

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