Here's how to improve your relationships and dating life according to experts

Want to know more about your relationship habits and how to solve your dating life problems? Turn to these newly published books!

The top 3 books from 2022 to improve your relationship and dating life
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The top 3 books from 2022 to improve your relationship and dating life

Whether we looking to improve a long-term partnership, improve our ability to connect with others when dating, or widen our understanding of the many types of love and relationship models, turning to a good book never fails in my opinion!

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With many excellent books on dating and relationships on the market already, we take a look at the new releases of 2022 to see what advice the past year has to offer on our relationships moving forwards!

More than words

Based on the theory that words may not actually be our most useful tool when creating intimate connections with others, this book by John Howard looks at the new research surrounding touch, and how it can be used to deepen human bonds and create the loving relationship that you want!

Mindful of all relationship types and models, More Than Words is inclusive of LGBTQ+, polyamorous, and other nontraditional relationship models, as it is ultimately aimed at those looking to improve any important relationship in their life.


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Polyamory and other forms of non-monogamous relationships although not new relationship models have entered into public conversation like never before. In what she calls her uncensored memoir, Rachel Krantz frankly discusses the ups and downs of her first foray into an open relationship. If you're looking into opening your relationship, and are in a non-monogamous relationship already, or simply want to learn more about this fast-growing movement, this is an excellent place to start!

Love Marriage

This work of fiction by Monica Ali details the realities and challenges faced by two people of different cultures who choose to marry for love. All about understanding cultural differences in modern Britain, assumptions are dismantled and the contradictions and tensions between marriage, desire, and family are deeply probed. A worthwhile read for anyone looking to better their own understanding of their partner or better their cultural sensitivity.

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