'Hesidating' is one of 2022's biggest dating trends: What is it and is it really so bad?

‘Hesidating’ is one of 2022’s biggest dating trends, but what exactly is it, and could you be a culprit?

What is ‘Hesidating’ and is it really so bad?
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What is ‘Hesidating’ and is it really so bad?

Coined by the dating app Plenty of Fish for their 5th annual dating report, Hesidating is the new ambivalence towards dating currently felt by at least 70% of singles.

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What is hesidating?

Unsure about their relationship status or whether or not they want a more serious or casual relationship, this trend is in part due to love mirroring life. With so much continuing uncertainty in our lives thanks to the Covid-10 pandemic, understandably, many people remain risk averse, preferring the security and predictability of their single lives rather than diving into the unknowns of the dating pool.

So, is dating over?

Are you a 'hesidater'? Find out about the dating trend that might be affecting you! Getty Images

Not at all! Actually, the trend's scepticism of commitment is far from being a red flag!

Whilst Hesidating might be used by some to excuse their ghosting habit, in general it shows the population’s personal growth during such trying times. Hesidating gives people the opportunity to check in with their emotional needs and social stamina, which for many, has lowered after the pandemic.

It also shows a positive trend of people self-reflecting and getting to know themselves on a deeper level. By taking the time to figure out who is and isn’t right for them, or by questioning whether they are ready for a relationship or simply jumping into one for fear of being alone, hesidating helps to figure out the tough questions everyone faces at the start of a new relationship before things get too serious.

So, Hesidaters may really be setting up relationships for success! Isn’t taking the time to get to know one another before deciding whether or not to pursue a relationship what most of us want anyway?

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