This woman's water bottle was 'poisoning' her for weeks: Are you making the same mistake?

While in the quest of hydration for good health, this teenager got a slew of medical issues instead.

woman's water bottle was 'poisoning' her due to silicone stopper
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woman's water bottle was 'poisoning' her due to silicone stopper

Most of you must have been told at some point in your life that you need to drink more water. But as we have learnt, not only can drinking too much water be deadly, where you get your water from is extremely important.

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Experts have advised us to never drink hot water from the tap, while also warning about the dangers of plastic water bottles.

But as per a report by New York Post, even your non-plastic water bottle has the potential to be bad for your health, as 19-year-old Kae from Georgia, USA, found out the hard way.

Woman got sick due to her water bottle

Kae shared her ordeal via TikTok, where she provided a PSA to others like her. Starting in August, she had a long litany of medical issues. It started with bronchitis, that landed her in urgent care.

The college student had a slew of medical issues for a whole semester Dennis Yu

Just as she thought she recovered, she got sick again, and also had a sinus infection. This was followed by 'the worst sore throat' of her life. All this while, she had to take a variety of antibiotics to manage her medical conditions.

Within one school semester, she had to go to urgent care four times! Yikes!

The culprit was the silicone stopper

She finally had the horrifying realisation of what could possibly be making her sick, when she cleaned her water bottle.

She admits,

First of all, I know I don’t clean it as much as I should. No one does. I know it’s full of bacteria

While googling how to properly clean her bottle, she came across online forums that said that the silicone stopper on her water bottle should be removed and cleaned.

She exclaims,

I didn’t know it came out

When she looked underneath, she saw that the silicone piece was covered in mould that had 'embedded itself into the silicone.'

She promptly binned her water bottle, and ordered a new one. She says that she has not gotten sick since. She says,

Once I cleaned it … got better. Haven’t gotten sick since … I had mold poisoning from my water bottle.

So if you are reading this, make sure that you clean your water bottle thoroughly. Take out the silicone stopper and clean underneath it as well as the rubber lid itself.

In fact, it is advisable for people to clean out their water bottles daily.

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This common mistake we make when drinking tap water could be harmful to your health This common mistake we make when drinking tap water could be harmful to your health