Beautiful Wedding Dresses And Accessories

You have decided to wear a princess wedding dress for your wedding but you don't know how to accessorise it? Here's a selection of three princess dresses and the perfect accessories to go with them. You just have to make your choice.

Beautiful Wedding Dresses And Accessories
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Beautiful Wedding Dresses And Accessories

Beautiful Wedding Dresses And Accessories That Will Complete Your Day

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1. Princess wedding dress - Romona Keveza: This wedding dress has real volume, but its originality is based on its soft and flowery fabric and its asymmetrical strap. And with an asymmetrical strap, come some style rules to respect. Firstly: the hairstyle. The volume must be balanced and the best choice is the low bun, styled on the opposite side to the strap.

Jewellery must always remain discreet so as not to be overwhelming. Guests should be able to stay focused on the details of the dress. If you really want to wear a veil, opt for a "cloth" veil with a length that stops at your fingertips. Take care, the veil must be more or less in the same shade as the dress.

2. Asymmetrical princess wedding dress - Ines Di Santo: This dress is made for daring brides. With plenty of volume, it requires attention to certain details. The golden rule: to be original, without ever doing too much. The dress is a spectacle by itself.

So, avoid classic buns and instead choose to modernise a little bit. For jewellery, absolutely avoid overdoing it. But the pieces you choose should be clearly visible. You can therefore go for long pendant earrings. You should only wear a half-veil with this dress. Any other veil could spoil the effect of the dress. As for shoes ... high heels are mandatory!

3. Princess wedding dress - Monique Lhuillier: When choosing a Monique Lhuillier dress, one usually opts for a classic romantic look. Long and curly hair, adorned with a silk or tulle veil would go perfectly. Jewellery must be elegant, and relatively discreet. A necklace with a Tahitian pearl is perfect for this kind of dress. You can have a bouquet and the best choice would be a wild bouquet.

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