Wedding Hairstyles For All Hair

Discover the latest wedding hairstyle trends. Whether you have long, mid-length or short hair, there's something for everyone.

Wedding Hairstyles For All Hair
Wedding Hairstyles For All Hair

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles Just For You

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1. If you have long hair: Beautiful, well-maintained hair can be a definite advantage. Long hair obviously leaves more possibilities. You can leave it loose, especially if your dress is quite plain. Forget this option if you wear a halter top, though, as it would be a shame to hide it. For the rest, be it braid, bun or ponytail, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is discuss all that with your hairdresser.

2. If you have medium-length hair: With medium-length hair, the ideal wedding hairstyle is the bun, or the braided bun. This hairstyle will give the illusion of longer hair, while remaining elegant. Do not hesitate to decorate it with an accessory.

3. If you have short hair: Often, short hair is enough to look stylish on its own. By wearing a headband or a flower crown, you're sure to make an impression. It is even possible to make a pretty braid in some cases.

Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair