Losing more hair than normal? It may be because of lockdown

If you have found yourself losing more hair than normal, don’t panic, stressing may just make it worse.

Losing more hair than normal? It may be because of lockdown
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Losing more hair than normal? It may be because of lockdown

If you’ve ever brushed your hair and noticed an absolute mane falling on the floor, you wouldn’t be the first. And, it seems that in recent months many have found that they are losing much more hair than normal.

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Why are we losing more hair?

On average we lose 100 hairs per day, which can seem like a whole lot more when we haven’t brushed it for days on end. But concerns about hair loss can quickly turn into an anxious obsession. However, it’s actually pretty normal to be losing more hair than usual and there are many reasons behind it, including lockdown and all the stresses that come with it. Eva Proudman, Leading Independent Trichologist and Hair Expert at Absolute Collagen spoke to Tyla, explaining just what might be causing our hair loss.

Proudman revealed that financial issues, trouble sleeping, and many other mental health problems that can be contributed to lockdown can have an effect on our hair:

Hair loss can be caused by many underlying factors including stress, diet, illness and if the body is lacking vitamins, minerals or amino acids. However, hair is sensitive to both emotional and environmental changes so it's no surprise that we're seeing more people experiencing hair loss during lockdown.

Proudman continued to reveal that the loss of routine that comes with working from home, spending more time indoors and a lack of attention to our haircare routines can also cause our hair to fall out at a faster rate than normal:

The hair is a fast diving hungry cell that craves nutrition and when we aren't feeding our bodies and minds the nutrients it needs, it can affect the hair growth cycle.

How can we keep our hair healthy during lockdown?

Experiencing hair loss can be a stressful event, but even during lockdown there are somethings you can do to keep your hair happy and healthy.

1. Maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise

Maintaining a routine with a balanced diet and exercise is crucial to maintaining healthy hair. Also, a diet lacking in the vital nutrient, protein, can cause your locks to become brittle and weak.

2. Leave out the heat and opt for just brushing your hair

Lockdown is also the perfect opportunity to use less heat and styling products on your locks. When you’re spending all day inside, simply brushing your hair is enough. This daily practice helps to distribute oils from your roots and can provide stimulation to the scalp.

3. Try a scalp treatment

Otherwise, if it’s stimulation that you’re after you can also try out treatments such as scalp massages. This provides increased circulation which causes more oxygen and vital nutrients to be distributed for healthy hair production.

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