Enjoy spicy food? This is what it says about your personality

Your food preferences could be telling of who you are as a person—especially your love for anything spicy!

How much spice you like to eat says a lot about your personality, according to study
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How much spice you like to eat says a lot about your personality, according to study

If you're one of those people who douses their pizza in hot sauce, respect to you. And to your intestines too. The same goes for those who cover their couscous with harissa. Your digestive system is all the better for it.

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Spicy food and what it says about your personality

But beyond the physical consequences of eating molten coal, your taste in the matter may have a more significant psychological meaning than you think.

In fact, according to this recent study, if you tend to prefer spicy foods, chances are your life will be... Let's say spicier too! This is what emerges from this survey conducted among 2,000 Americans.

There is a rather unusual correlation between personality and spice. Who would have thought?

People who eat more spicy food

Commissioned by Frank's Redhot and conducted by the Onepoll Statistical Institute, the results of this study show, for example, that people who like spicy foods are more likely to try new things in their lives.

According to the results of the research: 76% of people who eat spicy food are likely to try new activities, 62% consider themselves more attractive, and 66% to be more satisfied with their lives.

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People who eat less spicy food

Conversely, those who eat less spicy are more likely to describe themselves as shy in their everyday lives. In contrast, 41% describe themselves as empathetic and 50% describe themselves as more quiet and curious.

The results are less clear-cut when we get down to the nitty-gritty, but we still see some correlations. People who eat less spice are also less likely to define themselves as great adventurers.

Spices and your culture

That said, this statistical survey carried out by the hot sauce brand is still missing some points, especially on the side of cultural differences. Indeed, there are cultures where eating spicy food is as common as the French eating baguettes.

Moreover, some countries that might not have the same means of conservation as in the West (refrigerators, freezers etc...), will then utilise spice to preserve food and prevent spoilage due to their antimicrobial and anti-fungal nature.

This article has been translated from Gentside FR.

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