The Shape Of Your Mouth Says A Lot About Your Personality

Did you know that you can read someone like a book just by looking at their facial features? According to a Chinese theory, the shape of your mouth can say a lot about your personality.

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‘Each of us is born with a unique inner blueprint, an intentional design that is ours and ours alone. Your face reveals what that blueprint is,’ says Jean Haner, expert in the art of reading facial features. According to ancient Chinese beliefs, each trait gives us an insight into our personality. The shape of our noses, cheeks, jawline, eyes… Nothing is left to chance. This theory also suggests that the shape of our lips could give us important insights into our generosity and how friendly or romantic we are.

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Thin lips

You have a charming personality, but you still find it difficult to open up to people and connect with others. Your motto: ‘it’s better to be alone than be with the wrong person’ which means that you’re always around people you want to be around.

Naturally plump lips

Full and round lips reveal you have a maternal and generous personality. Always there to listen, you always put the needs of others ahead of your own.

A V cupid bow

Impulsive and honest, you tend to say things without thinking them through first. However, your lively and creative personality makes it all worthwhile!

A curved cupid bow

You’re known for your sweetness, kindness and compassion. Make sure you don’t let people push you around if they know how selfless you are.

An almost invisible cupid bow

Just like your emotional limits, your cupids bow is indefinite. You put everything you have into love just like you do into friendship, even if it means you’ll end up getting hurt in the end.

A small, luscious mouth

Naturally quite egocentric, you like to be noticed and taken care of. Your needs are put first but you are still very open with other people.

A nonexistent upper lip

People with this mouth shape are known for being ambitious. You spend more time thinking about your career than about those who are close to you. Anxious and a perfectionist, you are determined to reach your goals.

A naturally plump middle of the mouth

You are quite outgoing and are always ready to put on a show. Your intense personality baffles and fascinates at the same time. You have a hot temper and like to be in the spotlight.

An average sized mouth

Not too fat and not too thin, your lips suggest you’re the type of person who likes stability and tranquility. You like comfort and are not a very passionate or intense person.

Surgically enhanced lips

According to Jean Haner, when we change our face, we change our destiny. If you enhance your lower lip, this suggest that you like life’s pleasures. By enhancing your upper lip, this suggests that you have a chaotic personality and that you like to have conflict in your life.

But what about you, what do your lips say about you?

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