This is what the shape of your forehead says about your personality

Are you a go-getter or a going with the flow person? Apparently, your forehead shape reveals a lot about your personality.

Your forehead shape reveals who you are as a person
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Your forehead shape reveals who you are as a person

The forehead is kind of the first window to your personality. It gives away more clues than words ever can. Yet, the only time I noticed my forehead shape was when I was powerlessly sitting in my hairdresser’s chair, wet-haired with a washed-off foundation dripping from my face edges.

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A lot of cultures around the world practice reading people’s faces or physiognomy as a way to discover their personal details. No wonder we get forehead wrinkles with all the emotion pouring through facial expressions it enables us to do.

According to a study published in Australia’sUniversity of New South Wales, certain face shapes create certain perceptions of people. See what each shape represents.

Wide forehead

You are rational and well-respected. You are a favourite among parents and elder people especially. At the same time, you are very sensitive, and quick to anger.

Small forehead

If you have a small or narrow forehead, you are unique and you don’t mind hanging out alone in your room. You are also very resistant to peer pressure and you’d rather be your own person than what society tells you to be.

Straight forehead

You never give up! A true go-getter that believes in reaping what you sow. You value punctuality and hate wasting time.

Straight forehead Christopher Campbell

Curved forehead

You listen to your heart, a lot. You are very empathetic, smart and have a high sense of steering away from dangerous situations.

M-Shaped forehead

You are extremely creative. On top of that, you are naturally funny, and effortlessly charming, with an incredible eye for detail. However, keeping your cool is not your strong forte as you tend to be quite temperamental. Think of Kourtney Kardashian.

Sharp forehead

You are very decisive which might lead people to see you as stubborn. You are confident and love yourself for who you are. As you should!

Which one are you?

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