The Shape Of Your Hand Could Reveal Something Very Surprising About Your Personality

Hands are a nerve centre that’s connected to the whole body and some people think that their shape says a lot about you... Even though it may sound crazy, there is scientific research on it. Its results are questionable, so take them with a pinch of salt... You can do the test on Oh my mag!

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Some studies suggest that the length of your fingers could indicate certain aspect of your personality. Why? It’s because fingers form differently depending on the development of your brain and the levels of certain hormones in your body...

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Comparing the length of your index and your ring finger

would be an important indicator. In order to measure each finger, draw a dot in place where the finger folds (the base of the finger). Then take a ruler and measure the length between the point and the tip of the finger. Careful! The nail doesn’t count! Here’s how to interpret the results:

Your ring finger is longer than your index finger

If your ring finger is longer, that means that you’re friendlier than an average person. According to the research, you’re more thoughtful, but also more aggressive and choleric. You’re also an extrovert. Thanks to your hands, you’ll be able to play musical instruments better as well. This type of hand would also be considered more ‘masculine’, since it’s a sign that you have more testosterone in your body. Also according to this study, men who have such hands are more likely to be heterosexual. Women with such hands are, in turn, more likely to become bisexual or lesbian. In addition, both man and women are more inclined towards polygamy and desire more sexual adventures. They’re also more prone to addiction and infections.

Your index finger is longer than your ring finger

Those with a longer index finger are self-confident, less anxious and naturally calm. The hand is more delicate and therefore considered more ‘feminine’. Scientifically, it means that you have lower testosterone levels than someone with ring finger longer than their index finger... Women with their ring finger being shorter than their index finger are statistically more likely to be heterosexual. As for men, their more likely to be bisexual or gay. According to researchers, they’re also more faithful. When it comes to those whose ring and index finger are of equal length, their testosterone level is average. Their personality would therefore be a mixture of the two mentioned above.

Please, bear in mind that all that should be taken with a pinch of salt!

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