Scientists reveal this popular hobby will change the shape of your hands (VIDEO)

When we play video games, our hands are very much in demand. And with so many joysticks in our hands, it's a safe bet that we'll be seeing some changes in the future.

video games hands future weird science
© Onur Binay / Unsplash
video games hands future weird science

Do we geeks have anything to worry about? While video games can serve as a professional springboard, they could also take a heavy toll on our beautiful hands. With the number of Sunday gamers on the rise, there's every reason to believe that our fingers, too, will evolve to become more familiar with the joysticks of our favorite consoles.

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Gamers' fingers take a toll

Whether it's Sony's troubled DualSense, or the keyboards of League of Legends fans and tutti quanti... All gamers use their hands in one way or another. Scientists have already carried out studies, and some are interested in how our palms will evolve in the near future. Chaperoned by the media outlet Slot Wise, a team of scientists have modeled a gamer's hand as it would look in the future.

As a result, we can expect a major change if we continue to use our joysticks. These 3D renderings show an index and middle finger much more stretched than they are. It's a bit like E.T. after all. This is partly explained by the fact that we often have to use them to press the L and R triggers, while the thumbs remain generally wider, for better joystick handling.

hands future gaming impact Slot Wise

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A radical change on the fingers

Rather than adapting our remote controllers - like those of the PSVR - to the natural morphology of our hands, our hands will adapt to our remotes, according to this team of experts. They believe that, as our species evolves, our fingers tend to get longer as we stretch them out.

Manufacturers are responsible for designing controllers that reduce the impact on our physiology.

Nevertheless, this study should be taken with a pinch of salt. It remains to be seen how they will evolve in the future. There's plenty to worry about, though, as these hands bear a striking resemblance to E.T.'s! Let's hope these tasteless 3D renderings never become reality.

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