Study reveals there are 8 types of gamers, can you guess which one fits you?

Thanks to Newzoo, we can now classify gamers worldwide into 8 specific categories. So, which category do you fall into?

gamer type study news gaming player
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gamer type study news gaming player

Curious to know where you stand in this new classification? Find out now which category suits you best.

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Video games more powerful than books

Today, video games are a world that is reaching more and more people, and this applies to young and old alike. And that's a very good thing, if science is to be believed. In fact, a number of studies have highlighted the many benefits that games can bring, including in a couple's relationship. But not all gamers are created equal.

Newzoo, an aggregator of analyses dedicated to gaming and eSports, unveiled a study entitled 'gamer segmentation'. Like the study on Pokémon players who have different brains to others, the company set itself quite a challenge: to create categories to classify gamers according to their gaming habits, stream consumption and hardware. Which one fits you best? Curious to know where you fit into this new classification? Let's find out which category fits you best!

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The 8 existing player categories, according to Newzoo

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  • The 'Time Filler' (27%): this is the most common category, which means that for the person in this category, video gaming is above all a hobby, and takes place mainly on consoles.
  • The 'Cloud Gamer' (19%): the member of this category invests very little in hardware and prefers to stream his games.
  • The 'Ultimate Gamer' (13%): for this person, there's no debate... they spend all their time and money on video games.
  • The 'Popcorn Gamer' (13%): why bother spending thousands of hours on your controller when it's much better to watch others play on Twitch (and its rather risqué live shows)?
  • The 'All-Around Enthusiast' (9%): this is the most balanced gamer, i.e. they play as much as they look.
  • The 'Hardware Enthusiast' (9%): before enjoying an AAA game, it's better to have very good hardware, so gamers in this category will invest more in their machines than in games.
  • The 'Conventional Player' (9%): this player prefers to play rather than watch, and has a lot of hardware.
  • The 'Backseat Gamer' (6%): this player used to play a lot in the past, but now prefers to stream. Why not on Twitch, which offers us some rather unusual scenes...

So now you know which category of gamer you belong to, and to convince yourself that you really are a pure video game enthusiast, it's time to check if you understand these main causes of gamer frustration...

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