Gaming: Study reveals the world's most difficult video game ever, and it's not Elden Ring

Wondering which is the hardest title to finish in video game history? A study has come up with THE answer. And it might surprise you.

gaming hardest video game ever study
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gaming hardest video game ever study

As we all know, the video game experience can take many forms. To satisfy the 8 different categories of gamers, there's something for everyone. Family games, games that don't require great mastery to complete, others that focus on new sensations... But what most regular players really enjoy is the chance to play games renowned for their difficulty and challenges.

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What's the most difficult game of all time?

For hardcore gamers, there's nothing better than a video game with an interesting difficulty curve. A very long or very difficult game will take much longer to finish than a 'classic' game. Some even combine the two and become mountains to climb... often with pleasure.

A study by Casino En Ligne looked at the most difficult games to complete in the history of video games. In first place is a title that might surprise you, because it won't be Elden Ring, even though the game of the year 2022 is undoubtedly one of the most difficult titles of the current generation.

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The hardest game in history is not Souls

If you were expecting a Souls to top this list, you'll be disappointed. Even though the first opus in the Dark Souls trilogy is the second hardest game in history, the title of hardest game in the world goes to Ghost 'n Goblins. Less popular than the Souls license, the arcade game released in 1985 offered a huge challenge, incredibly complicated to complete. To establish this ranking, the site used several indicators:

  • The final difficulty score via Ranker, which refers to favorable votes minus unfavorable votes;
  • The number of hours required to complete the main story and 100% of the title for a completionist player via How Long to Beat;
  • The percentage of dropouts during the game and the time required to complete the game via How Long to Beat;
  • Metacritic scores ;
  • GameRankings scores;
  • International volume search on Google for soluces
top 10 hardest games history ever Casino En Ligne

The study provides other interesting indicators. The most sought-after video game soluces are Bloodborne and Dark Souls, with 18,100 and 14,800 searches respectively each month worldwide.

In the ranking of the hardest-hitting popular games in history, Ninja Gaiden Black comes out on top, once again ahead of the first Dark Souls. Perhaps Elden Ring, with its exceptional open world, will be able to claim first place when a new study is carried out.

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