Humans will develop a second eyelid in the future for this reason, according to study

A research project has constructed a vision of our future selves given the strains of overusing technology.

Study claims humans will look differently in the future
Study claims humans will look differently in the future

Technology has encapsulated our lives, laptops and smartphones are standard devices most of us rely on to go about our daily lives. A new research project sheds light on how people in the future will evolve due to overexposure to technology.

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'Mindy', a projection of a future human has performed a research project with scientists and experts and then commissioned a 3D designerto visualize the effects of some of the common health problems associated with overexposure to technology.

The result is Mindy, a woman from the future and what humans might look like due to being addicted to screens.

The result is a ‘hunched-back human’ with a deformed posture and new and moulded body parts, that according to the study will be common among people living in 3000 and beyond.

Spending most of the day on a chair and being hunched to a keyboard is believed to lead to arched backs and necks.

An already established condition is the ‘text-claw’ which is also another feature of Mindy. The term explains a curled hand and fingers used for the grip of our smartphones.

The most bizarre projection is a second eyelid that will evolve to counteract the overexposure to blue-screen light emitted by our screens.

Serious health problems

While technology and internet use have enabled virtually unlimited learning, productivity, entertainment and business opportunities, it is also proven to have adverse effects on our bodies and our health, Metro reports.

While the portrayal of Mindy shows mostly physical changes to our body, there is another big tech-influenced health problem which is mental health.

A study in the Oxford Academic provides evidence about the association between Facebook use and compromised well-being. While a report by RSPH is blaming social media for increased child anxiety and depression.

To avoid looking like Mindy, it is important to take regular screen breaks and prioritise exercise in your daily routine.

Employers have a big responsibility as well. It is more and more important for companies to provide initiatives to get employees off their seats and provide exercise opportunities like free gym memberships, Metro reports.

Unarguably, Companies will benefit from healthy employees and a positive and productive work environment.

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