Experts reveal why it's dangerous to microwave water, and what you should do instead

Heating water in the microwave could end in serious injuries if you don't follow these safety tips.

dangers of microwave water
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dangers of microwave water

Even if you feel less thirsty in cold weather, you should drink enough water. Be on the lookout for these 5 signs you're dehydrated and need to drink more water.

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It's also not enough to drink any water. Ensure that your water bottle isn't poisoning you and never drink hot water from the tap.

Along with this, as reported by First For Women, if you have the habit of heating up your water in the microwave, here's somethings you should know about doing it safely.

Why not to heat water in the microwave?

A lot of people use the microwave in order to save on time and energy in the kitchen. Popping in a dish to reheat or even warming up some water or milk takes mere seconds in the microwave.

This is why some people use the microwave in lieu of a water kettle or a pan to heat their water. But this might have some dangerous consequences.

Superheated water could even cause explosion while in the microwave Johnmark Smith

Water heated in the microwave can get very hot super fast. In fact there is a term called 'superheated water,' for this. Superheated water is water which has reached a temperature where it is actively dangerous for humans to handle.

This water can cause serious burns to your skin and body. Sometimes, water can get so hot in the microwave that it can erupt out of the cup and explode. Needless to say, it can cause severe and irreversible damage to you or those around you.

Do this if you heat water in the microwave

Heating water in the microwave means that you essentially do not have control over how fast and how much your water heats.

As per The University of Texas website, while it is advised to refrain from using the microwave to heat water, if you still want to, or if you don't have a choice, there is a hack to prevent accidents from superheated water.

You should place a wooden stick (like a chopstick or coffee stir stick) in your water. This will prevent the water from reaching dangerous temperatures. Also, always use a microwave safe container to heat water or anything else.

Be careful when you handle the microwave-heated water. Allow it to cool down before removing it, and check the temperature before drinking

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