Christmas: This is the real reason why you should never throw your wrapping paper in the fire

For many people, a successful Christmas also includes presents, especially in households with children. But what to do with the packaging?

Christmas gifts presents wrapping paper
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Christmas gifts presents wrapping paper

Just before Christmas, most of us are looking forward to spending some quality time with the family, but it's also a difficult time for those who feel lonely. For most people, various presents will grow under the Christmas tree. These are always beautifully wrapped - but that can be your downfall if we don't dispose of the packaging properly.

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Association warns, do not burn wrapping paper

Especially in houses with a fireplace, the idea of simply burning all the wrapping paper quickly is quite tempting: you can stoke a cozy fire and don't have to try to stuff the wrapping into the full garbage can.

But that's exactly what you should actually do if you want to dispose of the wrapping paper. If you decide to burn it all, you run the risk of having to pay a hefty fine. This has now been emphasized once again by the Home, Heating and Kitchen Technology Industry Association (HIK). The reason for this can be odor and smoke pollution - and we haven't even talked about the impact on the environment yet.

Throw it in the right garbage can or recycle it

The HIK therefore advises recycling the packaging, i.e. carefully unwrapping the gift, keeping the packaging and using it again at a later date (possibly for a smaller gift).

If you want or need to dispose of the wrapping paper, for example because it is too tattered, you should use the correct garbage can for this: In the case of colored and/or coated paper, the wrapping must go in the residual waste - untreated paper and cardboard can go in the paper garbage can.

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Make sure you stay on Santa's 'nice list' with these eco-friendly Christmas tips! Make sure you stay on Santa's 'nice list' with these eco-friendly Christmas tips!