Paper towel holders: The secret storage function you never knew about

It's an object most of us see every day and somehow one of its secrets has just been revealed: paper tower holders have a storage function!

Secret storage in paper towel holder
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Secret storage in paper towel holder

There seems to be no end to the ingenious ways people have been able to repurpose and re-imagine how to use common households objects. In some cases, TikTok creators have shown the lesser-known functions and secret features of the most commonplace items, as in the case of the secret function of McDonald's circular tables as well as the hidden compartment in toaster.

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In other instances, creators have revealed lesser-known ways to use kitchen gadgets, like the correct way to microwave food. Now, in some more shocking realisations for people, a TikToker @cippirippicippi is going viral after showing that there is a shockingly easy way to store kitchen towel holder, and it is inbuilt in the its very design. Find out more about it below.

The secret feature of paper towel holders

@cippirippicippi shared a video where they wrote,

Things I wish I knew before

The video shows the creator take a normal kitchen roll with two steel mounts. Then the video-creator uses one of the mounts to place a kitchen towel roll, then turns it around horizontally and uses the other mount to place the kitchen towel on a cabinet, thereby ensuring that the kitchen towel is neatly mounted, and hanging from the cabinet.


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People are blown away

The video currently has over 23 million views, demonstrating how much people have resonated with the shock of finding out the secret paper towel holder hack. However, not everyone agrees.

One viewer gave an approving 'thumbs-up' emoji along with the comment,

not how it's supposed to work but kinda clever if you do have cabinets without doors

Another said,

I am still blinking my eyes in disbelief

Other people had a more pragmatic view. One comment stated sagely,

I mean you can but not what it’s for

Another comment expressed sentiments along the same lines saying,

Well not exactly but yes

Other viewers thought they knew the correct way to use the kitchen gadget. One such commenter advised,

You’re supposed to feed the paper towel through the metal thing and use it as something to tear it with

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