7 Miracle Uses For Sudocream You Never Knew You Needed

Sudocream may be advertised as the trusty cure of the nappy rash, however the thrifty tub works as a remedy for countless other skin problems. Check out the video to find out the 7 different uses of this miracle cream.

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We all have a Sudocream tub floating around the house; it’s one of those items that screams adulthood to the same extent as a key wrack or even a slow-cook oven. However it is rare that people are aware of the full usesso here we have decided to compound 7 abilities of this miracle product.

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One of the most common uses is to help treat acne. In fact, a survey from acne.org revealed that of the 93% of those who used the cream on their acne, would recommend it to others as an effective method for relieving symptoms.

One user (anna.jesxx) boasted of the benefits in her review stating, 'it really helps to calm any breakouts you may have and reduces the amount of time it takes for spots to heal. I’ve also noticed I get less hyperpigmentation left over after breakouts when I use this and I think it’s because the spots are less inflamed and sore.'

Among the other uses of Sudocream is to help relieve chafing, by rubbing a thin layer onto your skin. It can also stop tan from clinging to certain areas, while also moisturising the skin. It can also help to relieve itching from insect bites, and aid in healing cuts and burns.

To see all the other uses of the miracle cream, click to watch the video!

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