The Benefits Of Using Green Clay

Green clay and its many virtues -myth or reality? Ohmymag has everything you need to know about this miraculous powder that can treat so many ailments!

The Benefits Of Using Green Clay
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The Benefits Of Using Green Clay

The Benefits Of Using Green Clay

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, sanitizing, healing, and softening. The properties of green clay are innumerable and scientists are still trying to work out exactly how this amazing natural ingredient works.

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Loaded with essential minerals such as silica, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, and selenium, green clay acts fast against build-ups of microbes with its powerful detoxifying effects. Green clay can be used in skincare for both cosmetic purposed and as a natural remedy for some external ailments.

In skincare, clay is particularly recommended as an ingredient in masks and creams. Burns and cuts will heal more quickly after green clay treatments and it can even be used on postoperative scars. With its analgesic properties, green clay is also used on sprains and wounds to soothe the pain.

Green clay masks can also have a huge amount of benefits for the face. Green clay can be used to exfoliate away dead skin cells, draw out impurities from the pores as well as tone and firm the skin.

However, we recommend you use green clay masks now more than once a week as they can be quite drying for the skin.

Green clay can be easily bought in pharmacies or shops specializing in natural products. It can be bought as a powder or as a ready-prepared treatment. To be sure of finding the best green clay, you should read the composition (pure clay, clay paste, clay-based ...) to make sure you're getting a product with a high concentrate. With an average price of about £4 per 100 grams, thismiraculous natural productis an affordable addition to your health and beauty regime.

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