This is the real reason why you should never take a bath in winter, according to experts

A warm bubble bath is especially comfy in the cold season. However, there are a few reasons for taking a shower instead.

real reason bath shower winter skin
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real reason bath shower winter skin

With the cold weather of the last few days, it's nice to snuggle up indoors or enjoy a long bath. However, this is not necessarily good for the skin.

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Not particularly good for the skin

A feel-good bath may certainly be good for the soul, but it is rather counterproductive for the oily film on our skin. GP Dr. Adam Pomer explains this to Stylebook as follows:

The colder it is outside, the worse the sebaceous glands work. Because the density of sebaceous glands on the upper arms and shins is particularly low here, the skin dries out even faster.

It's better to use shower oils

Of course, the warm heating air and the cold on the streets also contribute to dry skin (if you often have cold feet or hands, this may indicate an illness). Cosmopolitan therefore recommends showering (although not every day) with shower oils. However, make sure you don't stand under the shower for longer than 15 minutes.

If you still really want to take a bath or prefer to use shower gel for showering, you should apply a good amount of cream afterwards. Make sure that the cream you use contains either glycerine (which helps to retain moisture) or urea.

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