5 original ways to spice up foreplay

Some say the build-up is the best part! Foreplay is an incredibly important part of the bedroom experience but doing the same old routine every time can leave you wishing for more. Here are some ideas to spice it up!

5 original ways to spice up foreplay
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5 original ways to spice up foreplay

Foreplay is a lot like appetizers... great for setting the mood, but ultimately they exist to set the stage for the main course. So here are a few things you can do to give it a boost.

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Set the stage and go up from there

You can either send them a kind of synopsis of what you have in mind and want to do to them or prep them with a few sexts. We also have tipson how to sext if you need some direction!

Bring out the accessories

They can be anything from a blindfold to handcuffs to sex toys

The one on the left looks intimidating. Getty Images

Masturbate in front of him/her

They'll have to settle for watching you give yourself pleasure. Which will only make them want to do the pleasing even more!

Blindfold him/her

The inability to see will increase your partner's arousal levels. So once they're blindfolded, don't hesitate to stimulate their erogenous zones: nibble on them, caress them, lick them, kiss them. Take your time building up the excitement.

Tip: make sure you know the other person before letting them blindfold you. Getty Images

Strip for him/her

If you feel comfortable doing this, stripping in front of him/her makes for great foreplay. Slowly but surely, gradually remove your clothes. A word of advice: wear something that you can easily remove and that makes you feel confident.

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Cuckolding: The best way to spice up a relationship? Cuckolding: The best way to spice up a relationship?