Zodiac: Your sign reveals whether you are dominant or submissive in bed

In a sexual relationship, you have three types of people, dominants, submissives and those that like both. Which are you based on your zodiac sign?

Zodiac: Your sign reveals whether you are dominant or submissive in bed
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Zodiac: Your sign reveals whether you are dominant or submissive in bed

It all depends on their personality features to determine which zodiac signs are submissive and which are dominant in the bedroom. The dominating personality prefers to be in charge and in command of the situation. The subservient one enjoys being told what to do.

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Naturally, some people don't have a preference and simply like being with their partner with no power play. However, others have kinks and enjoy entering a power dynamic with their sexual partner, as a result, some people have a preference to dominate, while others prefer to submit to their partner. Then, there are those that like a bit of both and happily switch between the two. Depending on your preference, it can have something to do with your zodiac sign.

These zodiac signs are dominant in bed


Capricorns can make guys melt like ice cream on a hot summer day. They want to be in charge, in and out of the bedroom. They love the authority that comes with being in charge, but they don't let it get to them.


Pisces are highly daring in bed, despite their outward appearance. Because Pisces is a dreamer, being dominating is just another way for them to act out some of their fantasies.


During sex, Aries is domineering. They despise it when their partner doesn't do what they want, thus they prefer to be in charge. They know what they want and will manipulate you to obtain it. However, if the labour is too much for them, they are willing to switch.

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Leo must maintain control in all situations. It is because of their boundless energy, colossal ego, and overly competitive attitude. They're energised by their partner's devotion in the bedroom and know how to take command and make all the decisions.


Scorpio is all about passion, and it comes naturally to them to be the dominant partner in the bedroom. They have a naturally aggressive personality, which they express in sex. They aren't scared to go to any length to get the maximum enjoyment out of it.


Sagittarius is not the sort to sit back and let others make the decisions for them. They dislike being told what to do, but they also believe that being submissive during sex is enslaving them.

Are you submissve or dominant in bed? Unsplash

These zodiac signs are submissive in bed


In real life, Aquarius despises being told what to do, but in sex, they relinquish power since it allows them to escape from their usual personality. The thought of submitting their body to their partner as if they were a country and their partner were an invading army drives them insane.


Gemini is always up for a good time. They enjoy being subservient now and then, but it's all part of their hot and cold-mentality. They're always willing to change things up–even if it means taking on a more submissive role.

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Virgo is constantly in charge, dealing with their own difficulties and those of others. It’s because they've been assigned to that position. After all, they know what they're doing. They would rather savour every moment of not having to think about what they're doing.

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Taurus is known for their stubbornness in many areas of life, yet there's something special about letting go of all inhibitions during sex. They’re more willing to get down on all fours, wag their tail, and do anything their partner instructs them to do.


Not being in command is one of Cancer's favourite things, especially when it comes to sex. And just because they aren't in charge doesn't mean they don't know how to spice things up. They're also not afraid to talk about their fantasies.


Making and adhering to decisions is a challenging task for Libra. They frequently switch back and forth without ever settling on a decision. They are more inclined to be subservient in the bedroom because of this.

Disclaimer: This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt (and not too seriously)!

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