Zodiac: These are 3 the least romantic signs

Romance is the key to a good relationship for some people. However, some find it difficult to be romantic and it's not their fault, it's their zodiac!

Zodiac: These are 3 the least romantic signs
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Zodiac: These are 3 the least romantic signs

In all honesty, everyone is capable of being romantic, it just takes the right person to strike the nerve. However, some people wouldn’t be all mushy and lovey-dovey all day and would probably think of romance in their free time rather than freeing time for it. So, if your partner is not someone who can sweep you off your feet or be an old-school romantic, it could be theirzodiacsign. Here are the three least romantic zodiac signs.

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First dates with Capricorns mostly have awkward written all over them. They can be insensitive, cold and dry but that’s not how they are in real life. They are great in bed, but that’s where the romance ends, confirms BestLife. Capricorns are a tough cookie to crack, so unless they find a partner who can get them to open up, their romantic side is never really disclosed. They are very grounded and rarely get into the fantasy side of love.

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Being one of the most detached zodiac signs, you cannot expect romance out of Aquarius. They are always thinking about something deep, but love or romance is one of them. They are mostly aloof and clueless when it comes to matters of the heart. What’s more non-romantic is that they enjoy having their own freedom, autonomy and space so there’s hardly any space for anyone else in their life.

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Aries is one of the most self-centred zodiac signs. They are wrapped up in their own world so much that they can barely think of anyone else or anything else. They always want to be the dominating one in a relationship and so the part where one has to give in and be submissive a little to the other person is something that is a nightmare for them. That’s why they usually move on from people so quickly after the initial attraction wears off.

Disclaimer: This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt (and not too seriously)!

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