Swaddling: The intimate sex trend is on the rise, here's what you need to know

Want to feel like you and your partner are one person? Then this intimate practise might be for you!

This intimate practise might just get you the closest to your partner ever
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This intimate practise might just get you the closest to your partner ever

Have you ever had the desire to truly be at one with your partner, especially after sex? Well, meet swaddling, the highly intimate practice!

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This sex position really isn't about sex at all (and if you're wondering, no, no baby or blankets are involved). Rather, it is the act of falling asleep while the penetrating partner's penis or strap-on is still inside the penetrated person (no thrusting is involved).

So why is this trend gaining so much popularity at the moment?

The pros

This practice is perfect for those that love to sleep cuddled up or often find themselves falling asleep after orgasm anyway. With your partner still inside you, sleeping in this position can create a great sense of intimacy and safety, and make you and your partner feel highly connected both physically and emotionally.

Whilst for some swaddling is sweet, for others it can be erotic. Essentially, there's no right or wrong way to feel as long as both partners engage in swaddling consensually.

Have you ever heard of swaddling? No, it doesn't involve a baby! Getty Images

The cons

Swaddling does come with some side effects you need to be aware of, especially for heterosexual couples whose primary form of birth control is condoms. Condoms can slip off when the penis deflates, which could cause the condom to be left in the vagina which can put you at risk of unwanted pregnancy or infection.

Similarly, if the condom shifts, any ejaculation during sleep might also cause semen to come in contact with the vagina which again might result in pregnancy or an STI.

So, for those practising safe penis-in-vagina or penis-in-anus sex, using an internal condom is the best option to prevent pregnancy or STIs.

How to do it

The two simplest ways to swaddle are in a spoon position or with one partner lying on top of the other. If your partner has a penis, they will also have to be hard before you start.

If you find that sleeping on top of your partner is impossible, try the spoon position, but just be aware that any abrupt movement could force the penis or strap-on to slip out, which is not desirable for this situation (nor any really)!

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