What are swingers? Everything that you need to know

Swinging is still practised today! And with various types of non-monogamy gaining popularity in popular culture, it may be more frequent than you think.

What are swingers? Everything that you need to know
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What are swingers? Everything that you need to know

Have you ever wondered what swinging is and if it's something that might be beneficial to you? Here's all you need to know about swinging, whether you want to experience it for yourself or just learn more about this kind of non-monogamy.

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What is swinging/swingers?

According to Bustle, Swinging basically is a social practice that involves sexual contact between consenting adults. It involves swapping sexual partners between two or more couples to have sex either in a couple or otherwise. Most swinging couples have these sexual encounters together as a couple, and they do it regularly. Needless to point out, anyone who takes part in swinging is a swinger.

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Swingers may find sex partners on apps, at social gatherings, at sex clubs and sex parties, or even on cruises and other vacations dedicated to such activities.

How is it different from other forms of non-monogamy?

Men’sHealth explains how Swinging is often confused with open relationships or polyamory. And while they all fall under the wide umbrella of non-monogamy; they differ from each other in whether the partners are emotionally exclusive and if it is teamwork or separate effort. The key element of swinging that differs from the rest of the practices is that couples always swing together. Meanwhile, every other form of non-monogamous practice sees couples having sex separately from each other.

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Tips for first-time Swingers

Swinging looks easy, but like most other non-monogamous forms of relationships, it can be challenging to practise. It takes a lot of work and open communication so that none of the partner's feelings is hurt. Additionally, Swingers have to be considerate and respectful towards the changing boundaries of the relationship. Sex therapist Sara Rosen says:

When discussing limits and rules around swinging, the most important thing to keep in mind is that these rules will shift with new experiences. Maybe you thought you would like a certain dynamic, but after trying it out you realise it’s not for you.

As people adapt to the lifestyle, there comes a shift in their boundaries and preferences. Swinging can often trigger jealousy despite consenting adults taking part in it, as such clear communication on rough days is even more crucial to save the relationship and come out stronger.

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