Are you single? Don't worry, it's the latest trend

Discover the new dating trend: consciously single! What is it and is this the lifestyle you've been looking for?

'Consciously single' is the new trend you'll be seeing everywhere
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'Consciously single' is the new trend you'll be seeing everywhere

According to dating app Bumble, one big dating trend of 2022 is actually not dating at all! Instead, singles are making the conscious choice to refrain from dating in order to be able to focus more on themselves and reflect upon their wants in a relationship. But why is this trend on the rise?

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Why is being consciously single on the rise?

Interested in how Covid-19 affected our dating habits, Bumble found that more than half of its surveyed users (53%) believed that being alone was actually beneficial to them, and (54%) said that since the pandemic they had become more mindful and intentional about why and how they date.

For many, the pandemic allowed plenty of time to reflect on life. This has led to an an increasing number of people rejecting dating norms and deciding their own dating pathways. For consciously single people, this manifests as a rejection of the notion that romantic love is necessary to lead a fulfilling life.

People's lives can be greatly impacted by the pressure to date or to settle down, which is lessened when they choose to be intentionally single. People now have more time and energy to keep up a positive relationship with themselves.

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What does being consciously single look like?

If you're a chronic dater, you might find that you go through big personality shifts when choosing to be consciously single as you discover who you are outside a relationship.

Many find conscious single-hood helps in their journey of self-love and self-acceptance, as they are able to prioritise their own needs and learn to be independent.

So, if you're interested in testing out being consciously single, try taking yourself out on some dates! After all, who's to say that you can't go to that new restaurant or see that new movie proudly on your own?

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