The ‘Half-Relationship,’ Or How To Not Commit

You are not really together, but you are emotionally and/or sexually attached to him/her and you see each other quite regularly. Welcome to the half-relationship, which is becoming more and more popular!

The ‘Half-Relationship,’ Or How To Not Commit
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The ‘Half-Relationship,’ Or How To Not Commit

Desire for the other is something that can be very simple, or quite complicated. Many people go through a complicated period when in a relationship, whether it is serious or less so.

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It would seem today that an in-between, ‘half relationship’ is becoming popular with more and more people. It's a situation without any official commitment, something between a booty call and a relationship. It’s popular because neither person has to promise anything to the other. And for people who are afraid of commitment, but who love humanity and like to have a good time, the half-relationship seems to be THE solution.

Carl Rodrigue, a relationship specialist, explains that ‘non-couples’ or ‘half relationships’ are pragmatic relationships, pragmatic compromises. This type of relationship allows those who do not want to be in a relationship to experience an emotional and/or sexual story.

Being in a half-relationship is not always easy

But of course, even the half-relationship can become complicated, because one person can get attached and expect more from the other. Feelings of jealousy can also come in. One of the partners could see this half relationship as a test, a trial period. In any case, it is important to know what you want and what you don't or no longer want.

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