Beware Of Firedooring, The Latest Toxic Relationship Trend

Putting a lot into your relationship and getting hardly anything in return? You're being firedoored. This is a one-sided relationship that you should get out of as soon as you realize that’s what it is.

Beware Of Firedooring, The Latest Toxic Relationship Trend
Beware Of Firedooring, The Latest Toxic Relationship Trend

We’ve recently talked about breezing, a dating trend that focuses on being carefree and not worrying about everything. Today, yet another new dating trend has come into play known as firedooring. This word has nothing to do with relationships per se, but is actually a cruel trend that you, like many others, may have already been a victim of… Firedooring means having a one-sided relationship.

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Signs of firedooring

In this type of relationship, there is always one person who is more invested, who puts in a lot of attention and love, whereas the other person never puts his/her partner first, doesn’t put in as much time, doesn’t seem invested in the relationship and talking about the future is like getting blood from a stone. Luckily, there are a lot of signs that you are being firedoored.

First off, the person hardly ever replies to your messages and even less to your calls because this involves having a direct conversation with you. He or she only messages when they want to or when they’ve decided that they want to see you. They never agree to go out with you, because they don’t want your friends to see you both together as it would spoil their chances of meeting someone else while out.

If you bombard them with messages, they reply coldly, telling you that they need space. Talking about the future with you? That isn’t a priority for them as they prefer to ‘live in the moment’. And of course, because they know they have control over your relationship, if you decide to leave, they know just how to get you back. You know that the relationship is bad and far from healthy, but you don’t care, because you prefer to have a little bit of them in your life instead of not at all.

This imbalance is sometimes difficult to for the victim to see, given that they don’t have as much self-confidence. So as a result, they constantly question themselves and wonder what they’re doing wrong and why the other person isn’t as attached as they are. To get out of this relationship, you have to ask yourself: ‘Is this what I want from a relationship? Is this what I deserve? Is this person in front of me respecting me by doing this?’

Accepting that someone treats you in this way will only hurt your self-confidence. So if you are a victim of this new trend, take matters into your own hands and get this toxic person out of your life.

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